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Give the Bird to Lackluster Sounds


The reason you've found yourself here...

is likely because you're looking for a quality, human experience in taking your DIY tracks to the next level.

Blue Vulture Audio is here to get your raw tracks to soar to new heights!

How I can help you sound


The bread and butter of any tune. Without a great mix, your track might get lost in the expanse of today's digital musical realm. This could be the mojo you need. I'll get you that extra "oomph" you're seeking!


Already got a great mix? Awesome! With modern mastering technologies, I'll get your next project brimming with energy and excitement. You and your fans will hear your sonic image with clarity, warmth and a sound that is distinctly you.


tony dicorpo image.webp

Brandon was incredibly professional even in the eye of my crazy details. He was kind, courteous and willing to listen to my ideas and what I was looking to get out of my music. He delivered without a doubt. The project was completed in a reasonable time frame (as promised) and I am more than ecstatic with the finished master! Thank you Brandon!

Tony DiCorpo

Brodie Sennish.jpg

Could not imagine a better music making experience than the one I had working with Brandon. He is a master of his craft and is incredibly dedicated to the project at hand. Not only did he take all of my requests in stride and execute the revisions perfectly, he came up with new ideas for my song to make it even better than I could have imagined. He is an incredibly fun, easygoing, and creative dude who is more than capable of making any song sound the best it can possibly be. I didn't want to give 5 stars, but I couldn't give him 6 so I didn't have much of a choice. Cheers!


Screenshot_2021-02-20 drugdead.png

Brandon was super thorough throughout the whole process making sure every aspect of the song was to my liking. I also received the finished product (including revisions) fast. I would recommend Blue Vulture Audio to anyone who needs an industry standard product.


Don't take my word for it! Take it from those who are ecstatic with what I can do for them. I'd love to have you fly on BVA airlines (Yes, these puns are intentional. No, I won't stop ;) )




Behind BVA


Welcome to Blue Vulture Audio.

Hey there! My name is Brandon. Owner and engineer at Blue Vulture Audio. With 5 years of passionately creating tasty sound sandwiches (along with making puns and weird audio allegories), I want to share that experience with you. Specializing in indie folk, indie rock, alternative and electronic music, you can rest assured your tracks will be given the royal treatment; no matter where they've been captured.

My goal is to make YOU sound incredible. I strive not only to make your next musical endeavor seamless, but to also make your music something you'd be proud to release. That's how we fly here. (No more puns, I promise.)

Want to give my services a shot? I got you. Drop a request below and I'll get an audio sample your way at absolutely no charge. I want to show you what we can accomplish together.

I give a damn about your music. Your satisfaction is my number one, just as it should be.

It's time to give the bird to lackluster sounds, and get your next project the love it deserves! (I lied, that's the last pun. Pinky promise.)


    Thanks for reaching out! We'll be chatting soon.

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